• Image of From the Root -- Issue # 4

From the Root is a zine dedicated to documenting stories, poetry, articles, testimonies and images of women of colour in Canada. This issue explores HOME: home as a place to come back to, home is where the art is: artistic practice determines where home is, home as a spiritual, psychological, imaged, emotional or physical space, home for the immigrant woman or the child of a immigrant family, home as an impossibility for displaced people, home no longer being a home due to colonization, home as a safe place, challenging the concept of safety being associated with home, home as a place where we left our dreams, home as a decolonized space, home as a fallacy and/or fabrication, running from home, running towards home, homecoming: particularly for displaced POC on Turtle Island, examining the 'motherland', home as a place of duality. This zine is distributed in Toronto, Edmonton and Vancouver and New York.